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Hi and welcome to the new "The Fishing Line" fishing forums!

Just as we do on the radio and TV shows there are no secret spots, no secret codes and we do not speak in secret languages trying to disguise where and what we fish. If you are coming here to brag about your catch or adventure then be prepared to tell us the info that is important to all of us like what, where, when, what tide, what bait or lures etc. What many folks on other message boards do not understand is that the more folks you have on the beach the more fish you can catch as more eyes find more fish. We share info here on what, where and why things are happening - not secrets!

These forums are meant for learning and sharing. We will not be bashing anybody or anything and if you plan on using or registering for these boards then you MUST supply an active E-mail address in your profile. There will be no hiding behind computer screens saying things about any subject or person and not having a way for someone to contact you. If you do not wish to supply an active E-mail address in your profile than thanks for visiting, we'll see you later and perhaps we'll see you on the beach. Plain and simple - No E-mail in your Profile then NO forum registration!

Sign in and have fun. If you have an idea for a forum, send it to us and we will be more than happy to try to accommodate your wishes. Remember fishing is supposed to be FUN not work, unless you're lucky like we are.

Thanks for visiting and good fishing!

Rich Johnson

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